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Sketch Practice 01

So after doing some analysis with my program stats and bouncing ideas with some friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that the area I need the most developing in, is my sketching. Now since the problems I have with it are similar to the problems I used to have with my rendering, I figured I’d apply the same solution (dropping line work in favor of painting). Sure enough, feels faster and more dynamic, with better results. 
About halfway I remembered my program also records time lapses so I gave that a try. The lapse goes from about the 12 minute mark to the 25th give or take. The final image took a wee bit less than one hour. Not too shabby for a first try! 
Apparently I’m missing something here, ‘cause it’s not letting me upload the mp4 file with the time lapse.
-edit 2- 
Think I got it.

Sketch practice 01 time lapse